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We will do any day of the week. We will not do holidays, finals weeks, reading weeks, or Renn Fayre. Please see the Reed College Academic Calendar for more information.

We accommodate any time within reason (8am-8pm, unless special circumstances). Tours can scale between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Labs take about 1 hour.

1-24 people. If you have more than 24 people, request another tour at a different time for the remainder. We can really only handle 24 people in the facility at a time. Please note that we generally do not give tours to individuals.

If you are interested in doing a lab, please select one below.

Measure the half-life of a short-lived radioisotope. This is our most popular lab and scales well for a variety of age groups.

Slightly more sophisticated version of the Half-life lab. Allow students to measure the radiation coming off of dimes, which have two simultaneously decaying isotopes of silver. Good for older groups (College and some high school groups).

Learn good survey technique as you get the opportunity to detect the common sources of radiation from our everyday lives. Good for younger groups (8th grade and younger).

Measure radiation in different circumstances to demonstrate the basic traits of radiation and radiation protection. Good for students who already have a basic understanding of radiation.

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  • You will be asked to leave heavy coats and bags in the hallway.
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  • You may not be allowed to take pictures or video.