Reed Research Reactor

Radiation Meter Calibration

Reed Research Reactor is licensed by the State of Oregon to perform calibrations of radiation survey meters.

Please fill out the Meter Calibration Request Form before dropping off a meter shipment.

Services Offered

We use a calibrated pulser for count rate meters and then determine the efficiency with a radiation source. Normal sources in use are Cs-137 and Pu-239. Other sources are available if needed.

For dose rate meters, we use a JL Shepherd Calibrator with a 900 mCi source on our 6 meter calibration range. There are four lead shields when lower dose rates are desired.

We generally do NOT perform meter repair. 

Please note: we cannot calibrate any meters operating in the r/hr range, as our calibration source can only generate fields up to 2 r/hr. If we cannot calibrate and/or repair a meter, for any reason, we will return the meter to you as is at no cost to you except to cover shipping (when applicable). 

Payment Information

The cost is generally $60 per meter. If the meter has interchangeable probes, it is $60 for each probe. Calibrating meters in the µr/hr range (such as microR meters) requires a more in-depth procedure, and, as such, costs $75 per meter. If the meters need replacement parts, batteries, or extra work on top of the calibration that may cost more. Add shipping if you wish us to ship the meters back to you. 

If you send us a calibration request, we can give you a quote at the time of the request. Otherwise we will send you an invoice once we have the meters in house. 


For more information, please contact us at

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