Reed Research Reactor

Incoming Students

We are dependent on incoming first years who want to run the reactor. 

There are no prerequisites to taking the seminar. Info sessions will be held during Orientation Week. Check the posters/flyers for specific information.

The reactor training program consists of a weekly seminar and lab section. The seminar is held Mondays at 7:30 pm. It is in addition to your regular class load and gives no academic credit. On Wednesdays and Thursdays lab sections meet to apply the skills necessary to operate the reactor. There are homework assignments and check offs requirements in addition to the class time and labs. This portion of the training program runs from September to the end of the Fall Semester, and is open to any and all interested students. 

In late October, 15 students will be selected to continue the program in the Spring. Once they have been selected, students may choose to continue the program as either a technician (an unlicensed reactor staff member), or as a license candidate. In January, the license candidates will prepare for the NRC exam, held during Spring Break in March. The NRC exams consist of a three hour written exam and a four hour operational exam.

Reactor staff come back two weeks BEFORE classes start in the Spring for two weeks of maintenance and work. The seminar then starts again in the same format (Monday and Wednesday/Thursday) until the end of the semester.

All this information will be publicized during Orientation Week and the first week of classes. If you somehow miss the notices, feel free to email the Reactor Operations Manager or the Training Supervisors (see Reactor Staff). 

Please note that due to COVID-19, most of the reactor training program will be held online, although there will be opportunities for in-person learning. There will be limited hands-on opportunities. We are currently planning to hold NRC exams in March 2021 as usual.